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Charcoal Grilling and firewood! 

We are friendly and professional at the Yummy BBQ! We barbecue with the passion, truth and techniques to produce Yummy BBQ and share it with you. We grill on charcoal   Pass by our location or order online to enjoy our Yummy BBQ!
All plates include one side dish, veggies and your choice of garlic or BBQ sauce.

Pork/Beef/Chicken Skewers

Heading 2

Three Chicken or Pork skewers with side dish of hummus, garlic sauce and pita bread $12.00

Chicken drumsticks .jpg

Chicken Drumsticks, Fries and ketchup or garlic sauce $12.00

Pork Ribs $12.00

Beef Rib 1.jpg
Brisket .jpg

Pork Brisket $12.00

Select one of our healthy and delicious Sides

Beans Side Dish.jpg

Beans with veggies

Baked Potato with veggies

Baked Potato Side Dish 1.jpg
Lentil Side Dish.jpg

Lentil Bowl & veggies

Hummus with veggies

Hummus Side Dish.jpg
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