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The owners of Yummy Truck, William & Mary are lucky to have lived in many countries where they have been inspired and learned to prepare authentic flavors from those countries in the period of 28 years.

We established our business to share our culinary skills by providing high-quality, healthy, and delicious food to our fellow citizens because they mean a lot to us.

When our customers decide to drive or walk to our service or go to our website to order their meals or to cater their events, or when they do referrals, or network, spreading word of mouth about our services, they are doing so to support us. Therefore, satisfying their desires and needs is our priority. We will always be here to serve and care for health and enjoyment by serving delicious, and healthy food that creates memorable moments in the lives of our dearest customers. We always look forward to seeing and serving you!


Yummy Food Truck has been serving healthy, delicious, and affordable pancake breakfast, lunch, and dinner including barbecued briskets, ribs, drumsticks, and skewers lowly cooked on charcoal since 2013. Yummy Food Truck also caters to public festivals, community events, birthday parties, weddings, conferences, and meetings. Please contact us to cater your event.


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