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Our food, falafel wrap, beef/chicken Shawarma wraps, fish taco and fish strips is made of colourful, flavour, delicious, freshness herbs and spices. We invite you to take adventure to discover and experience our healthy and delicious diet.

Our Community-Oriented Business reflects the Ubuntu philosophy, “I am what I am because of who we all are." Our humanity is inextricably caught up with each other because the essence of being human is through other people.

We make delicious meals and barbecues that nourish and keep our customers happy.

We deliver to offices, homes and events with Freshly nutritious and delicious menus from East African, Mediterranean and Asian diets. Currently, we serve Shawarma, Various BBQS, Tamiya (Falafel), Savory and Sweet Crepes and soft drinks.
The owners of Yummy Truck, William & Mary are lucky to have lived in many countries where they have been inspired and learned to prepare authentic flavours from those countries in the period of 28 years.

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