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The owners of Yummy Truck, William & Mary are lucky to have lived in many countries where they have been inspired and learned to prepare authentic flavours from those countries in the period of 32 years.


Dietary diversification: Yummy Food Truck offers diverse menu prepared with intercontinental, national, and local herbs, species, vegetables, plants, fruits, and oil rich in various vitamins and nutrients to maintain and promote immune system against chronic disease. This is the reality of Canadian diversity and multiculturalism at its best. “Diversity is Canada’s Strength. It’s the air we breath", said the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

Dietary diversity is accepted and recommended in North America and the worldwide. In addition, many studies indicate that a higher dietary diversity is important to maintain and promote health and immune system against various chronic diseases and reduce food intolerance. Intake of the same vitamins, nutrients, and food, on the other hand, has negative impact on your gut health, social health, physical capacities, gut and digestive systems. Your gut is foundation of your body and healthy hut takes care of your body.

Yummy Food Truck is not just a name and scene, it is an international cuisine and a culinary of diversity, multiculturalism, flavours, taste, health, pleasure, aromas, and metaphor. Within one block of your home, you get American breakfast, pancake, waffle, beef/chicken Shawarma wrap (Donair), falafel wrap, butter chicken, beef stew, okra stew, pulled pork stew, pizza, taco, briskets, ribs, drumsticks, skewers, samosa, spring rolls, and variety of salads and soups and much more.

In addition, Yummy Food Truck provides opportunity to our customers to adapt to changing world through socializing and discovering cultural difference through food. Disasters like volcano, earthquake, flooding, war, and immigration continue to expose local people to new food, drink, environment, and culture which requires unpleasant adjustment to new reality. Diversify your diet today to boost your immune system against noncommunicable chronic diseases.

Challenging questions to our customers.

  1. How different was the food on your plate last time you eat?

  2. Are you in a trap of eating the same meal every time you eat?

  3. Ss it not true that an insufficiency of essential nutrients for our body functions can lead to chronic disease?

  4. Would you be eating the same food or your native food if you to travel abroad?

  5.  Do you agree that single food doesn’t contain wide range of essential vitamins nutrients our body needs?

  6. Do you agree with researcher determination that lack of food diversity leads to intolerance, allergy, asthma, and rhinitis?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then you are the reason why Yummy Food Truck is here.

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